Just in Case, you missed it… Climbing in Circles’ by drummer Will Glaser

Adventurous drummer Will Glaser neatly sidesteps the repertoire problem that trips up lots of emerging players. This cleverly programmed trio set relies neither on the leader’s own new compositions nor on a selection of over-familiar standards. Instead, we have a choice set of less obvious tunes and four freely improvised pieces.

There’s a pleasing logic behind the personnel, too. Glaser has made separate duo recordings in similar vein with saxophonist Matthew Herd and mercurial pianist Liam Noble, who here join forces to complete an exceptionally resourceful trio. You can hear their mutual regard in the confidence each shows proposing new directions for a tune, knowing the others will respond. ~Read more by Jon Turney | londonjazznews.com

Check out, the inventive “CLIMBING IN CIRCLES” by Will Glaser


Highly diverse composer and keys player, Benjamin Croft, for the release of the star-studded album, Far and Distant Things, on 6th August 2021

Benjamin Croft, FAR AND DISTANT THINGS (RELEASE DATE: August 6, 2021)

Benjamin is a British pianist, keyboardist, and composer who has recorded with Randy Brecker, Frank Gambale, Chad Wackerman, Allen Vizzutti, Barry Finnerty, and Mike Miller. Known for his extensive knowledge and experience in a multitude of music genres, he is mostly associated with jazz.

At the age of seven, Benjamin began piano and trumpet lessons, later going on to study at Leeds College of Music. After graduating, he completed several contracts on international cruise lines and moved to the US. During this period, Benjamin toured the world twice and worked with artists as diverse as Belinda Carlisle, Leslie Garrett, The Temptations and The Platters.

Benjamin relocated to London in 2012, where he became a regular performer at Ronnie Scott’s, the Jazz Café, Pizza Express Jazz Clubs, The Vortex, and others, playing with the finest musicians on the scene. Benjamin also performed in the West End Show, Straight From the Heart, and worked on TV shows such as The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent. In 2018, he recorded for Beautiful South founder Dave Hemingway’s latest project, Sunbirds, and has been working as a session musician, composer, and arranger on a number of projects over the years.

Martin Hummel, Director of Ubuntu Music, shared his thoughts: “Benjamin’s overall talent, his composition skills and the music itself impressed me immensely. He tirelessly worked his way through a crippling pandemic and boldly approached a select group of legendary US musicians to join him on his recording. The end result, ‘Far and Distant Things’, is a tribute to the talent and the tenacity of a passionate man on a musical mission. We are happy to have Benjamin join us.” ~Read more

Listen to samples of his forthcoming album, “FAR AND DISTANT THINGS