Coming soon, new music “Life Lessons” by prolific pianist/keyboardist/composer Marc Cary

Making music for me has always been part of my healing process. Music has provided a place in this world for me to express myself in ways that words could not help me articulate. The journey to being the best person I can possibly have always had this musical component. It has opened up countless opportunities for me to explore cultures and learn from many people around the world. Through music, I have made relationships that have been life-changing in positive ways and have been documented by many recordings.

Life Lessons is a testament to these lessons and is a culmination of three years of developing a sound and concept with Dan and Diego through our weekly performances at The Harlem Sessions. We wanted to document our time together and the sound we had developed together by recording and releasing this collection of compositions. We recorded in January 2020, only weeks before life as we knew it changed, as we moved into a Pandemic and lockdown, making this document and its title even more relevant to me. The timeliness of this album and when we recorded becomes more profound, especially as we are nearing 1 year of not being able to play each week together, at the same time as taking on board how many people from our community have departed from this earth because of the pandemic. It also really magnifies the love and joy that the 3 of us have for each other.

The songs that have come together on this album serve to describe how we feel about life, the lessons we have gained, and the types of emotions and situations we navigate through as we remain on our journey. It’s a road map of the different textures and complexities of living the life that we face. ~Marc Cary | Read more@BandCamp

Produced by Marc Cary
Co-Produced by Tinku Bhattacharyya
Executive Producer – Tinku Bhattacharyya
Mastered by Marc Cary
Photography-Rebecca Meek
CD Design- Rebecca Meek

Personnel: Marc Cary, Diego Joaquin Ramirez, Dan Chmielinski
Marc Cary plays – Piano; Fender Rhodes; Dave Smith Prophet 12; Dave Smith Mopho; Octatrak; Genome Sequencer(IoS); Lemur Mapping (IOs); UAD processing

Diego Joaquin Ramirez plays Canopus Neo Vintage drums, Vic Firth sticks, Remo heads, Zildjian Cymbals. Endorsed by Canopus

Dan Chmielinski plays a 1920s Juzek Master Art Acoustic Bass; Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass, 60th Anniversary Edition; Moog Grandmother. Endorsed by Pirastro Eudoxa Strings

Expected Release: Digital album releases September 14, 2021

Listen to “TRUST” the new single from “LIFE LESSONS” by Marc Cary