“REFLECTIONS” …each day contains cherished memories to embrace. Today it’s the illuminating beauty of an album titled “LIKE MINDS” featuring 5 remarkable musicians …

Being a self-proclaimed musical futurist isn’t an easy way of life, sometimes a brother must pause and take a break to enjoy the simplicities of the obvious treasures that are just a touch away. On this gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, I decided to return to the source to rediscover familiar voices, rhythms, and melodies that pushed my hunger for music forward in the past to revisit once again these intriguing artists who speak fluently as if it were the first time I heard them with an abrupt reverence to stimulate minds and revive souls of those who listen throughout the body of this wonderful music.

Burton, Corea, Metheny, Haynes & Holland, LIKE MINDS

LIKE MINDS is one of those records that is shelved in the data bank of my mind knowing at any given moment, time, or day this masterpiece can speak with unmatched synergy with inventiveness and artistry known to mankind. Recorded and released in the latter 90s, this brilliant album features 5 of the best in the business featuring Gary Burton (vibes), Chick Corea (piano), Pat Metheny (guitar), Roy Haynes (drums), and Dave Holland on (bass) all are undoubtedly stellar musicians and soloist. Need I say more? With the anointed gifts to play music given to them, through hard work, and tenacity to play music live or in a studio is unsurpassed. There’s no doubt about it, if you don’t have “LIKE MINDS” in your collection, or your playlist and cease being a voyeur and get this gem now you won’t regret it!