REFLECTION: At 22, trumpeter Roy Hargrove’s vibrant voice on The Vibe supersedes expectations

Back in early 1992, trumpeter Roy Hargrove arrived with his 5th album on Novus Records aptly named “THE VIBE” featuring among many gifted artists his long-time friend and altoist Antonio Hart anchored to a stellar cast of likeminded and talented young musician’s pianist Marc Cary, bassist Rodney Whitaker, drummer Gregory Hutchinson. Also, with guests’ appearances by luminaries saxophonist Branford Marsalis, DavidFatheadNewman plus trombonist Frank Lacy and phenomenal organist Jack McDuff.

With his previous recordings behind, Hargrove had established himself as a powerful voice on trumpet and  rising star on the jazz scene giving him the cred to beckon not only gifted musicians to play originals and tackle songs by James Williams “Alter Ego” and Wayne Shorter’sPinocchio, Milestones and The Things We did last summer.” As a result, with this variety of gems on hand, they opened the door and the opportunity for great things to manifest his presence and launch his voice into a new dimension artistically.

After revisiting this gem, I hear once again his appointed sound soar with authentic and anointed tones and memorable phrases to embrace through the conduit of hardbop, traditional, swing, and blues resonates vibrantly from the outset through the end of “The Vibe.” As I hear it, this gem paved a solid path and widened the lane for Hargrove’s unmatched swagger and attractive sound to illuminate as a worthy talent to keep pace with at the time and into the future. I miss you brother, gone too soon… yet we all are pleased that your music lives on. ~Reviewed by Rob Young (Monkjaz)

At your leisure, check out “THE VIBE” by Roy Hargrove



Whaling City Sound announces the release of a new Greg Murphy recording COOL WATER

Greg Murphy’s COOL WATER

It is glad tidings indeed that Whaling City Sound announces the release of a new Greg Murphy recording. In fact, the news is almost as joyous as the sound of Murphy’s piano. Cool Water is both heartwarming and exhilarating. Greg’s fingers find delicate and exciting ways of expressing themselves across the keys. It is the sound of a blissful talent given a new lease in both life and career, as well as the opportunity to rediscover his true and glorious gift.

The recording opens with the ebullient Chim Chim Che-Ree, segues into a chancy take on Steely Dan’s Green Earrings, careening through a battery of brisk melodies and beautiful playing, including the astonishing Cuttin Trane’s Corners, a dark, surprising cover of Wayne Shorter’s Lost, and the funk-filled closing celebration, You Decide. Featuring Murphy bandmates Jeff Tain Watts on drums, Eric Wheeler on bass, and a bevy of special guests, Cool Water is just that, long and fresh, a ride with the top down, rife with optimism and full of freedom and discovery. Greg Murphy is clearly glad to be back and playing music again, and we should all be thankful for it. ~Editorial Reviews | Amazon