[Just in case, you missed it]… “Insight”, featuring pianist Giulio Gentilereleased by Auand Records, will be available on CD and on Bandcamp on January 28, 2022

Now an established name in and outside his country, multi-awarded Italian pianist Giulio Gentile has recently focused on exploring the possibilities offered by the trio, along with longtime collaborators Pietro Pancella on bass and double bass, and Michele Santoleri on drums.

They have been essential – Gentile says –, both musically and as human beings, to complete this work. They have always believed in my music, adding the right energy to the project. We’re good friends. At first, we simply met to play something together, and then we developed a repertoire focused on my compositions and arrangements, which led to this trio. Playing with them makes me feel like the trio as one person. There’s a lot of interplay and listening, which I love!»

Insight”, released by Auand Records, will be available on CD and on Bandcamp on January 28, 2022. Singles will be released on all streaming platforms starting on January 14.

Trying to avoid specific shapes, this album works on identity: «The key to this project – Giulio Gentile adds – is about us finding our musical identity. I didn’t limit myself too much when writing these tunes because I believe in composition as freedom. I didn’t wonder if it was “jazz enough” or anything, I simply put down things on paper: ideas that could mirror something about me, trying to find an original sound and leveraging everyone’s strengths.»

Although difficult structures and polyrhythms abound, “Insight” is centered on melody, both in themes and improvisation. And it gets personal. «After writing some of these tunes I realized I put a lot of myself in them: ideas, thoughts, wishes, fears. This is why I picked this title: it’s me trying to communicate my vision through my music. I imagined “Mankind to Earth” as a dialogue between humanity and Planet Earth. Mankind begs for mercy, trying to be forgiven for everything that has been (and is being) done to Earth. And there is a response, in “Earth to Mankind”, which I made more chaotic and rough, insisting on one melody that repeats from beginning to end. This sense of chaos and mess made me think of the inner, stronger, and destructive face of nature, which I tried to convey using a 9/8 clave rhythm.~BandCamp

Released: January 28, 2022

Giulio Gentile – piano
Pietro Pancella – double bass, electric bass
Michele Santoleri – drums

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