Just in case, you missed it… Wall featuring Dabin Ryu is an award-winning jazz pianist from Seoul, South Korea

Dabin Ryu is an award-winning jazz pianist from Seoul, South Korea. Dabin’s musical journey started at age 3 with classical piano. Eventually, Dabin became interested in jazz and contemporary styles of music, which she is now known for. After high school, Dabin attended Berklee College of Music, majoring in Jazz Performance and Jazz Composition, ultimately graduating in 2018. She then continued her education at Manhattan School of Music, graduating with a master’s degree in Jazz Studies. As a student, Dabin was fortunate to study with Ralph Peterson, Joanne Brackeen, Francesca Tanksley, Kendrick Scott, Buster Williams, Neal Smith, Ted Rosenthal, and Phil Markowitz.

Dabin Ryu’s debut album Wall (out now and on which she produced, composed, and arranged the entire project), features ten original compositions entirely composed, arranged, and produced by the pianist. The compositions settle within the jazz tradition yet refuse the conventional instrumentations of a classic jazz album. In this album, she captures the traces her life-long practice of music has left on her. 1. ‘The Light’ 2. ‘I’ll Never Know’ 3. ‘Temple Run’ 4. ‘Wall (Pt. 1)’ 5. ‘Wall (Pt. 2)’ 6. ‘Moon’ 7. ‘Stillborn’ 8. ‘Suspicion’ 9. ‘Taxi Driver’ 10. ‘We Will Meet Again’ This is a Brand New CD (not sealed, never was) that ships via 1st Class USPS. ~Liner Notes | Amazon

Original Release Date: May 22, 2021

At your leisure, check out “WALL” by Dabin Ryu

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