Just in case, you missed it… the first release Different, Us captures the experiences of the 4 artists thriving in this context Bo!led

Bo!led is the 4-piece group that has come out of the most contemporary jazz scene in Milan, which brings together the use of electronics and is instrumental to the vibrant nature of the multicultural generation. The first release Different, Us captures the experiences of the 4 artists thriving in this context; Bo!led epitomized their sound in a genuine and moody mini-album that easily recalls the expansive blend of jazz and hip hop of Badbadnotgood as well as the rawness of the UK jazz scene.

Broken Days is the first track: syncopated drums, slick guitar chords, and rich textures set the pace for the bustling life in the city. Just around the corner is She’s Lying, with its delicate modulations and whimsical turns creating an intimate connection with the listener. The alternating rhythms roll into the smooth synths of Interi Ora that along with Tales sound like the most playful sequences. Blue Room does the trick: bouncy bassline, sparse drums, and the exotic feel take the groove to an impromptu jam session in the backyard of a familiar location. The plot ends with Different, Us which sums up a busy day in the metropolis shifting from high to low peaks, reflecting the variety of shades we encounter when living outside of the box. ~Bandcamp

Meet the band...

Matteo Castiglioni | Keys, Synth
Maurizio Gazzola | Bass
Amedeo Nan | Guitar
Andrea Gamba | Drums, Electronics

Different, Us is written and produced by Bo!led.

Originally Released: November 11, 2021

At your leisure, check out Different, Us by Bo!led

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