[Just in case, you missed it]… the latest album The Next Step by bassist-composer Roberto Occhipinti

Life under COVID has been a challenge for all of us, as an owner of a recording studio, I was fortunate, that I could keep recording throughout the pandemic.

In addition to recording and producing other projects, I decided I would concentrate my own efforts on doing a piano trio project, one of my favorite musical combinations, from the time I started playing bass after hearing Ray Brown in the Oscar Peterson Trio and moving on to the classic Bill Evans trio with Scott LoFaro, to my work with the Hilario Duran Trio.

Joining me on this project is the very fine Canadian pianist, Adrean Farrugia, and drumming phenomenon Larnell Lewis, two musicians I have known since they were both young men, starting in the Toronto Jazz scene.

My other recording projects were for large-scale ensembles, with winds and strings, but for this one, I would be the string section, using techniques I learned in my career, playing Classical and Contemporary music. ~Bandcamp

Roberto Occhipinti-Bass
Adrean Farrugia-Piano
Larnell Lewis-Drums
Ilaria Crociante-Vocals on “O Cessate

Originally Released: March 4, 2022

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