Portico Quartet announces Next Stop, a dynamic 4 track EP recorded at the same sessions as 2021’s acclaimed Monument release

Released in November 2021, Monument was acclaimed as one of Portico Quartet’s most accessible, direct records to date. Carefully crafted as an ode to better times, it pulsed with the energy of dance music and was one of the most melodic and carefully structured records the band has ever released. Next Stop is the brilliant follow-up, a pulsing powerful four-tracker that also features a wistful, elegiac side and perhaps provides a coda to Monument.

Captured Time is a melodious and atmospheric tune that erupts out of layered synthesizers and strings. It’s the contrast between melodic simplicity and textural density is that lets it push through to an elated, ecstatic conclusion as the band draws you into an emotional journey as only they can.

Next Stop is Portico Quartet at full power. Arguably the most rhythmically dense tune they have ever made. It’s a hypnotic groove driven by an off-kilter 7/8 drum and bass groove that ducks and dives with relentless intensity.

Youth is a deceptively simple tune, nostalgic in tone, It’s a paean to childhood and simpler days, with Wyllie’s wistful sax melody perfectly offset by the low-slung slow-mo hip-hop beat of Bellamy drums. But is the beautiful strings that really turn this tune into something special. ~Bandcamp

Released: March 18, 2022

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