DoomCannon is a London-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist spearheading a plethora of forward-thinking, improvised jazz-inspired music

Brownswood Recordings present the debut single ‘Amalgamation’ by DoomCannon. The born and bred South London virtuoso is behind some of the most innovative music of this time and a pioneer of the nascent UK Jazz scene. Exhibiting his debut solo work, a free jazz composition with a new contemporary flair, reveals DoomCannon’s trailblazing sensibilities. In 2021, a live version of this track was released on seminal indie label Jazz Re:freshed, and now ‘Amalgamation’ is available across all digital streaming platforms on January 21st, 2022 via Brownswood Recordings.

A reflection of how DoomCannon perceives the current state of the world we live in, ‘Amalgamation’ is a social commentary on depleting measures of community spirit in the world, and a sense of separation from each other that DoomCannon deeply wishes to overcome. With this notion as a starting point, the frantic, disjointedness opening the track leads into a symphonic climax that culminates into one consummate soundscape. This mellifluous flow fulfills DoomCannon’s utopian aspiration for everyone to come together in harmony, as he expresses “Amalgamation is about coming together, people being a unit and people facing each other. Each person has a part to play. When we come together we can create greatness.

DoomCannon is a London-based composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist spearheading a plethora of forward-thinking, improvised Jazz-inspired outfits and is now set to present his debut solo project in 2022. DoomCannon dabbled in flute and percussion from the age of eleven and classically trained in piano as a teenager where he joined the prestigious Kinetika Bloco youth performance group and training program, a rite of passage for many of the catalysts of the British Jazz explosion such as brothers Theon and Nathaniel Cross, Mark Kavuma, Sheila Maurice Grey to name a few.

Under the watchful eye of musical mentors Matt Fox (Kinetika Bloco) and Gary Crosby (Tomorrow’s Warriors), DoomCannon mastered his craft and endeavored on the Kinetika Bloco Leadership Program becoming a teacher himself. Attending a fateful Jazz Re:freshed weekly session at MauMau bar, DoomCanoon encountered saxophonist Ahnansé, they started playing together soon afterward. DoomCannon garnered the attention of award-winning vocalist, Celeste, where he was invited to become Musical Director performing live at the Brit Awards and Later with Jools Holland. Gaining respect as a leader in the scene, DoomCannon has toured internationally as a member of Nubya Garcia’s band and invited in his own right to run an ongoing bi-monthly residency at the legendary Ronnie Scotts. Presenting his solo project at Abbey Road Studios, selected via Jazz Re:freshed as part of the SXSW/ British Council collaboration, the stage is set for DoomCannon to raise the bar again in 2022 and beyond.

Amalgamation,’ the debut single by DoomCannon is available digitally on January 21st, 2022 via Brownswood Recordings. ~Bandcamp


DoomCannon – Wurli/Synth
Kaidi Akinnibi – Tenor Sax/ Fx
Daniel Rogerson – Guitar
Oscar Ogden – Drums
Marsha Skinns – Violin
Saskia Horton – Violin
Natalia Senior Brown – Viola
Wayne Uquhart – Cello

All rights reserved

Original Release Date: January 21, 2022 (Album release pending)

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