What are you listening to? …”Legacy” featuring the signature grooves of Afrobeat beat, jazz and funk by Kinetika Bloco

Kinetika Bloco’sLegacy‘ celebrates the 21st anniversary of the carnival group of the same name, which was founded by Mat Fox in South London. Usually, around 100 strong, this scaled-down group of Kinetika alumni led by Mat’s son Ruben Fox revisit some of the Bloco’s iconic pieces on this landmark recording and features saxophonist Nubya Garcia, pianist Reuben James, and trumpeters Mark Kavuma, Claude Deppa, and Ife Ogunjobi.

What is effectively a Big Band with tuba (occasionally 2!) in the bass, accompanied by guitar, Hammond B3, and a four-piece rhythm section of surdo drums, bells, and snare deliver an enthralling new sound.

The nine tracks fuse influences from Brazil, New Orleans, Africa, and the Caribbean, and the deeply impressive list of names from this remarkable community deliver highly intelligent arrangements of this diverse repertoire with power, presence, and style. “Remedy” is an iconic homage to dub culture and a tour de force performance featuring Nubya Garcia, Ife Ogunjobi, Richie Seivwright, and Marlon Hibbert.

Caravan” presents a unique take on Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol’s classic featuring solos from Kaidi Akinnibi, Sheila Maurice Grey, and Reuben James. The uplifting anthem “Echoes Of Palmares” is the track that most closely defines the Kinetika Bloco sound. Written by leader Mat Fox in 2001, it features his son Misha Fox and Mark Kavuma.
‘Legacy’ is a stunning representation of artists that have at some point taken fruit from the Kinetika Bloco tree and watered its roots. Dedicated to those who came before, and those who are yet to come, Legacy is released on former participant and current Bloco leader Mark Kavuma’s Banger Factory Records label. ~Editorial Reviews | Amazon

Original Release Date: November 20, 2021

At your leisure, check out “LEGACY” by Kinetika Bloco

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