Just in case, you missed it… Ruby Rushton’s ‘Gideon’s Way’ carries on the playful cinematic ‘cop music’ theme from 2019s ‘Ironside’

Ruby Rushton return to 22a with a four-track album teaser combining a fusion of sounds from across the jazz spectrum in their own distinctive style. The band has forged an instantly recognizable sound since their debut release ‘Two For Joy‘, hitting the sweet spot by simultaneously sounding classic and forward-thinking. The EP is fronted by virtuosic flute from bandleader Ed ‘Tenderlonious’ Cawthorne and soulful trumpet by Nick Walters, who combine with tight catchy leads and fierce solo work. Aidan Shepherd underpins the operation with slick synth and key work whilst Tim Carnegie delivers a suite of tight-knit drum breaks. ‘Spanish Raga‘ opens the EP, inspired by an evening out after a gig in Madrid in 2019.

Always unpredictable, the tune moves from delicate flute melodies to punchy synth bass and drum grooves, with a Raga-inspired flute interlude in the middle. ‘Fall From Grace‘ is a melancholic jazz-folk song. Inspired by the current un- certainty we all face. It winds through a complex horn line driven by explosive drums. The EP title track ‘Gideon’s Way‘ carries on the cinematic ‘cop music’ theme from the band 2019 LP ‘Ironside‘, taking inspiration from ITV’s sixties cop classic ‘Gideon’s Way. Latin-jazz roller ‘The Good Mixer‘ closes out the EP in energetic fashion, with a nod to Dingwalls and other closed Camden watering holes. A free-wheeling, playful tune with combined flute and trumpet solos nodding to the Charles Mingus approach of ensemble playing, elevated by Carnegie’s drum grooves. Spanish Raga / Fall From Grace / Gideon’s Way / The Good Mixer. ~Editorial Reviews | Amazon

Original Release Date: June 18, 2021

At your leisure, check out “GIDEON’S WAY” by Ruby Rushton

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