What are you listening to?… saxophonist-composer Jens Böckamp’s discography is noteworthy and harmonically on point the energetic Into the Zone combines the right elements of his voicings

Cologne-based saxophone player and award-winning composer Jens Böckamp presents his third album as a bandleader, an individual collection of sophisticated compositions in structure, harmonics, and rhythm but still catchy and with plenty of space.

Joscha Oetz (bass), strong and impulsive, perfectly matches with the creative, unconventional approach by drummer Dominik Mahnig from Switzerland and outstanding New York-based vibraphone player Dierk Peters, who always knows to contribute the right colors. ”Into The Zone” is the mental state of full, energetic focus, that might loosen up the feeling of time – just like in the music of Jens Böckamp FLOW Quartet. ~Editorial Reviews | Amazon

Original Release Date: April 13, 2020

At your leisure, check out “INTO THE ZONE” by Jens Böckamp Flow Quartet


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