Saxophonist-composer Alison Shearer’s debut album View From Above transports listener’s between time and space

Saxophonist Alison Shearer’s debut album makes a statement. A statement about loss, and struggle, and the restorative power of music. Written soon after the passing of her father, famed photojournalist John Shearer, “View From Above” transports the listener to that liminal space between sky and earth, where the light shimmers and mundane matters seem small and far away.

Alison’s music is a study in contrasts: jagged, kaleidoscopic rhythms are paired with soaring, lyrical melodies, and the rich timbres of saxophone, flute, cello, and voice are paired with electric guitar and bass, synthesizers, Rhodes, and drum set. The music is textural, integrating shifting contours and metric modulations yet it remains groovy and aesthetically pleasing. ~Bandcamp

Alison Shearer – alto saxophone
Kevin Bernstein – piano, Rhodes, synthesizers
Marty Kenney – electric bass
Horace Phillips – drumset
Wayne Tucker – trumpet
Susan Mandel – cello
Miranda Joan – vocals
Hattie Simon – vocals
Jonathan Hoard – vocals
Vuyo Sotashe – vocals
Chauncey Matthews – vocals

All songs were written by Alison Shearer

@all rights reserved

Original Release Date: February 18, 2022

At your leisure, check out “VIEW FROM ABOVE” by Alison Shearer

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