[NOTEWORTHY] Pianist-composer Uri Caine style embodies vast improvisation merges seamlessly Bach to Monk with his 2021 release My Choice

The border crossing: Uri Caine and Stefan Winter met for the first time in New York 30 years ago. A musical adventure begins, there is no goal, but a path. Two outstanding jazz albums are created on JMT, then Caine breaks through the boundaries between jazz, classical, and new music like no other artist on Winter & Winter. New, exciting, groundbreaking things are emerging.

Caine embodies sound, composition, and improvisation merge, Bach and Monk, meet as in a completely new duo drama and conduct a dialogue. Caine: ‘When Stefan Winter asked me to choose music from the past to put on an album, I hesitated. The selection of works is as difficult as if someone asked you which of your children is your favorite child.’ Caine made a completely surprising choice: worth hearing, enlightening, remarkable! ~Editorial Review | Amazon

Original Release Date: August 31, 2021

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