Guitarist Samo Salamon inspired by Miles Okazaki’s great solo guitar Monk project rediscovered Eric Dolphy’s music again to record his forthcoming album Dolphyology

Besides Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy has probably been one of my biggest influences as well as reasons in the beginning why I wanted to play jazz and improvised music. Although Dolphy belongs to the jazz greats, in a way he is still such an underrated improviser and especially composer – having composed beautiful compositions throughout his fairly short career.

The idea of the project began by practicing at home alone during the many Covid lockdowns, rediscovering Dolphy’s music again. Furthermore, I was inspired to do this album by Miles Okazaki’s great solo guitar Monk project. We had a long talk this year via Skype and it was so great to hear how he approached Monk on solo guitar. In the same manner, I have tried to approach Dolphy, but in my own way. First I transcribed all the compositions by Dolphy and arranged them for solo guitar, trying out different techniques. In the end, I improvised on tunes – sometimes free improvisation and in other cases following the harmonic structure. I have played Dolphy’s tunes throughout my musical career, improvising on them, but rarely in a solo setting; probably because of fear or respect. But now I was like, OK, let’s do it: I told myself I should not be afraid to play single lines or be burdened by the great solo guitar musical heritage, which I immensely respect.

I recorded all the music at home with just one microphone in my living room which has beautiful acoustics. All the songs are first takes – therefore, sometimes there is a small glitch or noise in the background, such as my cat meowing in the background.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this as much as I have during the creative and recording process! ~Samo Salamon | Bandcamp

Release DateJanuary 10, 2022
All compositions by Eric Dolphy, solo guitar arrangements by Samo Salamon.

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