[NOTEWORTHY] …dynamic trio Sakésho pushes their impassioned polyrhythmic sound without compromising

Sakésho is a quartet built around the characteristic sounds of the steel pans, as played by Andy Narell. He’s the band member most familiar to American audiences, but this is truly a group enterprise, and the roles of pianist Mario Canonge, bassist Michel Alibo, and drummer Jean Philippe Fanfant are all well matched.

Their self-titled debut features the polyrhythmic music from the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe called biguine. It’s a sort of near cousin to the calypso and includes some assorted Afro-Cuban strains.

There is a celebratory nature to the music, with all of the players except Narell contributing vocals–primarily as melodic choruses that add another syncopation to the proceedings. Recorded with warmth and clarity, the genuine and friendly interplay between the four musicians is nicely captured as well. ~David Greenberger | Amazon

Originally Released: January 1, 2002

At your leisure, listen to the infectious Caribbean sounds of Sakésho



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