[Just in case, you missed it]… Worry Not is the debut from Leeds-based cinematic quintet, Emma Johnson’s Gravy Boat.

Emma’s writing is inspired by cinematic scores as well as a wide range of jazz from hard bop to modern tenor/guitar-led quintets, and this combines to create compositions that evoke imagery and emotions for the listener. The album combines strong melodies with improvised sections that give each member of the group space to shine. As an album, Worry Not tackles themes of stress and worry and the process of overcoming those things to find a sense of calm. The imagery uses a lake setting and various weathers as a parallel to the coming and going of these emotions and the whole album is a cathartic listening experience, inspired by a place where Emma is at her most worry-free.

Written after a house flood and on the brink of the pandemic, the album (and the year awaiting its creation) encapsulates a process of having worries, acknowledging and dealing with them, and allowing them to wash away.

Worry Not is produced with thanks to Help Musicians, the Peter Whittingham Award, and a whole host of brilliant Kickstarter backers. ~BandCamp


Released Date: July 2, 2021

Saxophone & Compositions – Emma Johnson
Electric Guitar – Fergus Vickers
Piano – Richard Jones
Double Bass – Angus Milne
Drums – Steve Hanley

At your leisure, spin “WORRY NOT” by Emma Johnson 

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