[NOTEWORTHY]… Puerto Rican saxophonist-composer Miguel Zenón sophomore album Ceremonial explores the vital elements of his musicial influences

Recorded after a successful European tour, Miguel Zenón’s quartet is engaged in both the material and with another on this album. The seven original tracks and two covers offer a bracing mix of Latin rhythms and melodic sensibilities with jazz phrasing and harmonics. From the celebratory bearing of the opening “Leyenda” (by Silvio Rodriguez) to the closing spiritual “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” emotional vitality runs through it all.

On “Transfiguration,” Zenón’s alto saxophone runs wonderful lyrical circles around the evocatively reverbed and wordless vocals of guest Luciana Souza. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, his homeland lies at the heart of his compositional sensibilities. He writes ballads of staggering beauty (“A Reminder of Us“), as well as post-bop, inspired workouts (“Ya”). Pianist Luis Perdomo is a forceful rhythmic player, as well as being cordially inventive. ~David Greenberger | Amazon 

Original Release Date: December 4, 2004

At your leisure, listen to “CEREMONIAL” by Miguel Zenón

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