[NOTEWORTHY] …take the plunge with modernjazz master guitarist and composer John Scofield’s 60s style blend of jazz and funk with A Go Go

“Joined by Medeski, Martin, and Wood, [Scofield] attacks funk-meets-New-Orleans-ish tunes with his typical blend of the brainy and gutsy. . . .”  ~  Entertainment Weekly

John Scofield’s stature as a modern jazz master on electric guitar puts him in a sweet spot for this simmering, sexy collaboration with acid jazz pathfinders Medeski, Martin, and Wood, Scofield’s taut and spicy lines striking sparks against the soulful grooves pitched by drummer Billy Martin, keyboard colorist John Medeski, and bassist Chris Wood.

Far from a cheap commercial shot, the leader’s plunge into this reheated ’60s style is appropriately redolent of its funk heritage and his own astringent command of sharp lyrical and smart harmonic asides.  ~Sam Sutherland

Originally Released: January 1, 1998

At your leisure, check out “A GO GO” by John Scofield

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