Johnathan Blake Releases New Single “LLL” from his Blue Note Debut “Homebound”

Homeward Bound—the remarkable Blue Note debut by drummer, composer, and bandleader Johnathan Blake due out Octo. 29—is a celebration of life and legacy featuring Blake’s quintet Pentad with alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins, vibraphonist Joel Ross, keyboardist David Virelles, and bassist Dezron Douglas. The album’s 2nd single “LLL” is a dedication to the late drummer LawrenceLo” Leathers. Blake introduces the track in a swinging gesture of grace and conviction. Limelighting the highest level of interactivity among band members and solos from Virelles and Ross, the tune is a channel for the vibraphonist’s signature arcs and turns and high-velocity lyricism.

Blake assembled Pentad with the intention of composing for a fuller, more chordal sound than his past projects have featured. The result is a wildly intuitive, tight sound that embraces spontaneity and relies on trust. “The name represents us as five individuals coming together for a common cause: trying to make the most honest music as possible,” he says. “I wanted to create a record where people would get inside my head. I want them to see the story I was trying to tell. That’s my hope.”

At your leisure, check out “LLL” from the album “HOMEBOUND” by Johnathan Blake


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