What are you listening to?…bassist/composer & virtuoso Linda Oh’s cultural and musical identity soars with unexpected complexities on Initial Here

Fast or slow, this band devours its music. From drums, piano and bass comes a clean, hyper-alert precision, with extra fills and fractured funk and rhythms within rhythms. (Ms. Oh plays electric bass on a couple of tracks, not much different from how she plays acoustic, full of melodic improvising.)” ~ Ben Ratliff – NY Times

On her second album, Initial Here, Linda Oh draws deeply upon her rich cultural heritage and a broad range of inspirations to further define her musical autobiography. Born in Malaysia to Chinese parents and raised in Western Australia, Oh arrived in NY five years ago with a love of jazz, and adolescence spent playing electric bass in Aussie rock bands.

All of that experience surfaces on Initial Here, from the in-the-tradition ballad playing on “Mr. M” to her buoyant electric bass lines on “Deeper Than Happy.” ~Editorial Review | Amazon

Original Release Date: January 24, 2012

At your leisure, spin this “INITIAL HERE” by Linda Oh.


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