Acclaimed LA / New York bassist, producer, and songwriter Joshua Crumbly joins Shahzad Ismaily’s figureight records for the release of beautiful new album ForEver

ForEver is a letter to tomorrow,” Joshua tells us. His music embodies this sentiment with eloquent gravitas. It is certainly as personal as a letter, handcrafted in the most expressive and affecting ways. Like a letter, it speaks not only of its own words but of the writer, a soul-baring important truths. And it is addressed to “tomorrow”; a sense of hope and conviction illuminate its gentle musical miniatures. “ForEver is a reflection on love, legacy, and happenings in the world. A warm hug in inner space.

Joshua made his musical debut aged 10, playing alongside his saxophonist father. A gifted performer, even as a pre-teen, he enjoyed mentorships with renowned bass players Reggie Hamilton (Whitney Houston, Seal) and Al McKibbon (Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins) before moving from LA to New York to attend the prestigious Juilliard music school. After years of honing his musicality alongside seminal players, Joshua finally embarked on recording his own solo pieces, beginning with 2020’s Rise album. The starting place of ForEver quickly followed, beginning with encouraging words from friend and collaborator Shahzad Ismaily. “ForEver began with an out of the blue call from Shahzad. He told me that I needed to record a solo bass album. It started out as such, then I added some other instruments. It branched out even further when I reached out to a few friends, whose voices I was strongly hearing on particular songs. I’m grateful they were down to be a part of the record.” 

Expected Release Date: October 8, 2021

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