What are you listening to?: Queen of All Ears by The Lounge Lizards is an unorthodox template of voicings, angular interludes and addictive expressions

John Lurie’s Lounge Lizards have been around for almost 20 years, and their collective sound has improved over time. The latest edition of Lounge Lizards is a nine-piece ensemble of top-notch musicians. While featuring able-bodied soloists like Michael Blake on tenor, Steve Bernstein on trumpet, Dave Tronzo on guitar, and John’s brother Evan Lurie on keyboards, the Lizards remain a musical vehicle for John Lurie’s noirish, angular muse. Although inspired by jazz’s instrumental nature, most of this music was thoroughly worked out in advance.

Led by John Lurie’s sardonic alto and soprano saxophone playing, the band embraces West African music, expositions from New Orleans, and interludes of wicked gamelan. Simultaneously sarcastic and spiritual, this is an unorthodox album that those who aren’t jazz fans should be able to enjoy. ~Mitch Myers | Amazon

At your leisure, dare to explore the strangely attractive yet sonically intoxicating elements of  “QUEENS OF ALL EARS” by The Lounge Lizards


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