Just in Case, you missed it… Climbing in Circles’ by drummer Will Glaser

Adventurous drummer Will Glaser neatly sidesteps the repertoire problem that trips up lots of emerging players. This cleverly programmed trio set relies neither on the leader’s own new compositions nor on a selection of over-familiar standards. Instead, we have a choice set of less obvious tunes and four freely improvised pieces.

There’s a pleasing logic behind the personnel, too. Glaser has made separate duo recordings in similar vein with saxophonist Matthew Herd and mercurial pianist Liam Noble, who here join forces to complete an exceptionally resourceful trio. You can hear their mutual regard in the confidence each shows proposing new directions for a tune, knowing the others will respond. ~Read more by Jon Turney | londonjazznews.com

Check out, the inventive “CLIMBING IN CIRCLES” by Will Glaser


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