Australia’s very own Trio Kleine Ahnung unveils a impressive grunge like soundscape titled Laniakea

Laniakea is the new album from Trio Kleine Ahnung, a collaboration between guitarist Carl Morgan, bassist Sam Anning and drummer Raj Jayaweera. Spawned from a week off from a busy European tour schedule, the members contribute stand-out compositions and performances that draw inspiration from indie-rock, Radiohead, and German folk-song, creating an impressive album that stands on the shoulders of guitar greats such as Bill Frisell and Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Having performed in a variety of settings over the past ten years, the individuals have long wanted to collaborate in a deeper way. All raised in Australia, the members currently live in different parts of the world – Morgan in Berlin, Jayaweera in New York, and Anning in Melbourne. It was only until an act of serendipity in 2019 brought them together in Berlin together. The trio spent a week in Morgan’s studio jamming, in between sessions of eating, drinking, and debating at the local Imren Grill. The music captures their informal spirit and yet enshrines the seriousness and dedication to their art.

From the tough and intrepid ‘Intro’, ‘Datameta’ slowly divulges into an epic anthem. ‘Kleine Ahnung’ hints at 60’s Miles with the contemporary twist of special guest synthesizer soloist, Sean Wayland. ‘Laniakea’ is a harmonically intelligent song-like tune that hints at a multitude of influences yet stands alone. ‘Ripples’ invokes a Seattle grunge soundscape against a backdrop of future alien terra firma. ‘Gott Liebt Diese Welt’ is a clever reharmonisation of the hymn by Walter Schulz that tips its hat to Radiohead. ‘Losdy’ is a chorale-inspired piece with a spiral-like feeling as each repeat moves onto an altered trajectory. ‘Outro’ gives the sense of more to come with its high energy brevity leaving us wanting more. ~Earshift Music (more)

Listen to “LANIAKEA” by Trio Kleine Ahnung 

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