Just in case, you missed it…pianist/composer Nicola Guida’s compelling new album ‘Speleology’

London-based pianist, composer, and producer, Nicola Guida is considered one of the most inspired Italian Jazz musicians of the new generation. A disciplined virtuoso and a genre-bending musician, Guida’s style is both cerebral and underground.

Firmly steeped in tradition yet audibly contemporary, ‘Speleology‘ is harmonically and melodically rich, rhythmically virile, and focused on in-the-moment improv. The combination of abandon and control is exceptional throughout, and a convincing demonstration of Nicola’s inventive writing and prodigious technique. ~BandCamp.com

Released: June 25, 2021

Nicola Guida – piano, synth, vox, compositions, arrangements, prod.
Eddy Cicchetti – double bass
Dario Panza – drums
Karnival Kid – rap
Francesco Fratini – trumpet
Greg Osby – alto sax

Davide Abbruzzese – recording
Davide Palmiotto – mixing
Emanuele Bossi – mastering

Jesse Draxler – artwork design
Luis Quiroz – layout project

Karolina Wielocha – photo shooting

Listen and hear for yourself the mesmerizing voicings of pianist/composer Nicola Guida

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