Saxophonist Jaleel Shaw releases Echoes his latest offering

This recording was made in my home. It documents my thoughts and ideas while being isolated for a whole year during the pandemic of 2020/21. I’d recently begun recording myself practice songs and ideas with my phone, which eventually led to me plugging a mic into my computer, hitting record, and seeing where my ideas took me.

I’ve meditated on so many things during this pandemic. From losing my friend/mentors Lee Konitz, Jimmy Heath, and teacher Rayburn Wright recently, to the deaths of Breonna Taylor and one of my favorite artists – MF doom, learning about the Tulsa Massacre and Black Wall St., constantly worrying and thinking about my mother, remembering all of the amazing places I’d traveled to perform before this pandemic (specifically an opportunity I got to travel to Morocco and play at the Gnawa Festival), and most importantly – focusing on the light at the end of this isolated tunnel and trying to stay as positive as I can be.

Here’s to the future… and life…. ~Jaleel Shaw/

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