NOTEWORTHY: Guitarist Calvin Keys an unsung artist you need to get to know

Jazz guitarist Calvin Keys is a legend among soul-jazz fans for his appearances as a session and touring musician and a catalog of releases under his own name. His 1971 Black Jazz debut, Shawn-Neeq, and his sophomore outing for the label, 1974’s Proceed with Caution, are both considered jazz-funk classics. Keys‘ playing style is lean and muscular. His unique phrasing balances sophisticated jazz harmonics with funky R&B and soul grooves. Since the 1960s, Keys has worked as a session and touring player with Ahmad Jamal and others. His own recordings, including 1985’s Full Court Press, 2001’s Detours Into Unconscious Rhythms, and 2013’s Electric Keys have all been celebrated in the United States, Europe, and Asia. In 2018 he issued the single “Nigerian Marketplace.” ~Birography

4 reasons to discover, listen and embrace the groove for yourself soul-jazz by guitarist Calvin Keys.

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