NOTEWORTHY: Organist/composer Larry Young’s Fuel

By the time Larry Young hit the studio with group Fuel to track this 1975 release he was already a seasoned jazz pro despite being in his 30s (young for jazz cat). His organ work in the 50s with Jimmy Forrest, Tommy Turrentine, Hank Mobley, and others lead to being signed to Prestige as a leader and a string of incredible projects for both the Prestige and Blue Note labels throughout the 60s. His work with Tony Williams Lifetime on the 1969 album Emergency set the stage for the fusion movement even ahead of that genre s landmark release Bitches Brew (where he appeared with Miles).

By 1975 Young was signed to Arista and ready to fire up a full-on 70s style jazz fusion assault with his group Fuel. The sessions found Young behind the boards as producer and behind the keyboards as a player, utilizing everything from a Mini Moog to a Hammond B3, a Fender Rhodes to a traditional acoustic piano. The resulting project is thoroughly funky and often called the absolute best of his post-Blue Note recordings. Get On Down is pleased to put this classic, remastered from the original sessions, in front of a new generation of listeners hungry for a solid groove. ~Editorial Review | Amazon

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