Wadada Leo Smith’s Trumpet represents a culmination of Smith’s recorded solo trumpet work

(3-CD set) The trumpet is a unique three-CD boxed set of solo trumpet music recorded over one week in the beautiful natural acoustics of St. Mary’s Church, the medieval stone church in the Town of Pohja on the Southern Coast of Finland. All compositions are by Wadada Leo Smith. Trumpet represents a culmination of Smith’s recorded solo trumpet work that has comprised a total of six albums before Trumpet, starting with his very first album as a leader, Creative Music

1: Six Solo Improvisations, in 1971 and ending with his dedication to Thelonious Monk, Solo: Reflections and Meditations on Monk, in 2015. Tracks: Disc 1:, 1. Albert Ayler, 2. Rashomon: Parts 1 – 5, 3. Howard and Miles – A Photographic Image, 4. Metallic Rainbow (For Steve McCall), 5. Sauna – A Healthy Journey (For Petri), Disc 2:, 6. Malik el-Shabazz and the People of the Shahada, 7. The Great Litany: Parts 1 – 5, 8. Leroy Jenkins Violin Expressions, 9. James BaldwinNo Name in the Street; War, 10. Amina Claudine Myers, Disc 3:, 11. Sonic Night – Night Colors (For Reggie Workman), 12. Discourses on the Sufi Path: Parts 1-4, 13. FamilyA Contemplation of Love: Parts 1 – 4, 14. Trumpet ~Editorial Review | Amazon

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