Just in case, you missed it…”The reMission” an unexpected journey by pianist/composer Andy Milne w/Unison

Andy Milne and Unison, THE REMISSION (ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: February 5, 2020)

My vision for UNISON has evolved since our first performance in 2017. I’ve endeavored to go deeper into honoring my influences and collectively, we’ve been refining our musical interactions although if I say so I felt like we started off in a pretty magical place. Some of the music presented here was composed or arranged specifically for this trio and some found a new home here.

Originally I imagined UNISON might perform mainly jazz standards, exploring the influences that formed my foundation and entrance into jazz (Oscar Peterson Bill Evans Keith Jarrett, Ahmad Jamal.) Like the unexpected joys of an improvisational journey, our collective conversation guided our path towards the intersection of our combined sensibilities – joy risk & trust. For now, here is where we live. ~ Andy Milne | Amazon

At your leisure, take “THE REMISSION” for a spin by Andy Milne and Unison

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