Glaswegian musician, producer, DJ, and curator Rebecca Vasmant announces ‘With Love, From Glasgow’, showcasing the breadth of the incredible Jazz

Rebecca Vasmant, WITH LOVE, FROM GLASGOW (RELEASED: June 4, 2021)

Through the ethereal, floating textures of LP opener ‘Start Of Time’ via the uptempo beats and horns of first single ‘Jewels Of Thought’, and the somber, reflective sonics of tracks such as ‘Morning Mourning’, ‘From Glasgow, With Love’ is a textured, emotive and calming listen from start to finish. A crucial insight into the modern-day sounds of a city that has already contributed so much to music culture.

Without musicians, there would be no music, and without friendships, there would be no life. From Glasgow, with love.. Rebecca Vasmant

Recorded, and mixed at Stanmore Road, Glasgow by Rebecca Vasmant Mastering: Nick Moore at Athens Of The North HQ, ~BandCamp

At your leisure, be sure and check the hip sounds of “WITH LOVE, FROM GLASGOW” featuring Rebecca Vasmant

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