Just in case you missed it… the latest arrival “SACRED HEARTS” featuring saxophonist/composer and bandleader Rick Margitza

Rick Margitza, SACRED HEARTS (ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: February 5, 2021)

More than 15 years after his last release as a leader, saxophonist Rick Margitza makes his long-awaited return with the captivating new album Sacred Hearts, due out February 5, 2021, via Le Coq Records. The deeply personal album takes stock of the joys and tragedies that have unfolded over the last decade and a half, with new compositions dedicated to those lost along the way as well as the new life that has come into being.

Rick Margitza-tenor and soprano saxophones
Manuel Rocheman-piano
Peter Giron-bass and vocals (track 8)
Jeff Boudreaux-drums
Oliver Louvel-guitars, banjo
Xavier Desandre Navarre-percussion
Chloe Cailleton-vocals
Pierre de Bethmann-vocals
Eleanor, Karen and Doris Margitza,
Renee Bandy, Danielle Kobalsy, Elissia Ziga, Chelsea Rigo,
Leslie Ballog-adult handclaps and vocals (track 6)
Tatum, Bronson and Dallas Kobolsky, Addisson and Ella Ziga,
Noah and Bailey Vahosky, Evan Bandy, Luke, and Adam Figueroa,
Leo Shandor, Sophia, and Paul Torosian-kids handclaps and vocals (track 6)
Recorded at Pennisula Studios-Sarzeau, France
By Jonathan Marcoz and Alex Tassel
All music composed and arranged by Rick Margitza
Aztigram Music LTD.
Produced by Rick Margitza
Executive Producer-Piero Pata
Mixed by Joshua Connoly-Studio A Las Vegas
Rick Margitza plays D’addario Reeds

At your leisure, check out “SCARED HEARTS” by Rick Margitza

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