“Melt All the Guns” new and improvised music featuring Devin Gray, Ralph Alessi & Angelica Sanchez

Devin Gray, Ralph Alessi & Angelica Sanchez, MELT ALL THE GUNS

I am very happy to share this project with you. The music on this recording was composed during the fall of 2019 after several gun violence incidents took place. The increase of gun violence over the years and particularly in the United States has upset me so much that I need to speak out. Simply put, we need to expand awareness and work for a future free from gun violence. Today, June 4th is the 7th National Gun Violence Awareness Day. In the link below there are local events and resources including the Wear Orange Campaign that I recommend your involvement.

This trio recording features the incredible Ralph Alessi and Angelica Sanchez, which was luckily captured after we played some concerts in Canada and the States, and uniquely explores expressions of my feelings around those infuriating times albeit pre-pandemic. I hope you can support not only the impact of the song titles but also all artists you know and love during these challenging times.

Lastly, as the reopening continues, please mark your calendars now as we will be celebrating the release of this music on July 9th in Brooklyn at the wonderful SoapBox Gallery with a limited in-person audience and live stream concert! ~Devin Gray

Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Zach Herchen & Devin Gray

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