REFLECTION: Do you remember Brazilian trombonist/composer Raul de Souza?

Raul de Souza Generations Band, PLENITUDE (RELEASE: May 21, 2021)

I vividly recall the distinct yet brisk tonality provided by trombonist/composer Raul de Souza from his days playing with keyboardist George Duke, mostly his 1977 Brazilian, Jazz, and Funk flavored album “SWEET LUCY was the first of three followed by DON’T ASK MY NEIGHBORS & ‘TIL TOMORROW COMES (not available)” projects produced by Duke in the latter 70s. Until today, considering that he’s been recording since 1965 I was unaware of the Rio de Janeiro native’s impressive catalog that has unmeasurably blessed music lovers globally even though most of us only knew him during his short-lived success in North America.

Today, I’m thrilled to present the mysterious Raul de Souzas latest endeavor aptly titled “PLENITUDE” which by the way embodies the familiar accents, catchy hooks, and Latin rhythms he was known for. If contemporary jazz and fusion bend by contagious voicings of Latin jazz spread throughout is your bag, there are six interludes plus Souza serves up ten infectious gems guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating jazz enthusiasts.

Out of the box, Souza doesn’t hesitate for a moment with the sassy “NANA.” It burst right away with glowing and illuminating tones colored with Latin attributes. With an artist of his stature, his versatility is quickly exposed on “APESAR DE VOCE” which basked in the rhythmic brilliance of the aforementioned piece. A tune titled “DAISY MAE” adjacent to “NETINHA AURA” arrives it seems out of nowhere as my overall favorites are explorative, robust, and punctuated by contemporary accents. What I hear underscored through this magnificent recording is Souza’s uncanny gift to layer alluring tones, contoured shapes, polychromatic lyricism evitably captures your attention with every evolving note makes this album a poetically appealing, beautiful, and joyous listening experience. ~Reviewed by Rob Young

Check it out, as time allows listen to PLENTITUDE by trombonist/composer Raul de Souza

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