REFLECTION: Trumpeter/composer Gregori Hollis’ new album “LANDING” recently caught my attention…

From the outset, “LANDING” unexpectedly unraveled trumpeter, and composer Gregori Hollis‘ swift chameleon-like phrases on his horn matched with his notable writing skills navigates with ease into one’s listening space and before you know it you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into this colorful tapestry of modern jazz meets Latin music.

Gregori Hollis’ LANDING (RELEASED: April 13, 2021)

On this winsome collection of eight original pieces, right away you’re bound to find yourself focusing on several if not all selections to be quite pleasing to the ear. Hollis brilliantly marries the cherished elements of jazz and Latin music seamlessly as one cohesive voice to paint a picture-perfect soundscape from start to finish. One of my favorites is the punchy “PUJA D’ESTIU,” this sassy gem glistens out of the gate. The Salsa-driven “QUE SUENE DANZON” at number 5 rhythmic sequences will draw even none dancers into the pulse of this hip-swaying piece.

“LANDING” appears at the sixth spot, as hoped for the title piece rhythmic tones, sharp brass, swag, and choppy flavors are indeed the sauce, the real deal worth the price of admission. I say this, with “LANDING” trumpeter/composer Gregori Hollis brought his signature fused with the right textures, shapes, and colors provide and open path and a bright future ahead. ~Reviewed by Rob Young

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