One of the most versatile and prolific bassist/composers in jazz history returns with a new all-star trio of jazz heavyweights, featuring guitarist Kevin Eubanks and drummer Obed Calvaire, and a power-packed set.

Dave Holland’s ANOTHER LAND (RELEASED: May 28, 2021)

Dave Holland’s story, impact, and presence on the global Jazz scene is monumental. The now-notorious call from Miles Davis in 1968 to join his band, having seen him play at Ronnie Scott’s, kickstarted a journey of creative exploration and music-making that has lasted 50 years. It’s seen him collaborate with many of the greats in this music including Joe HendersonBetty CarterStan GetzJack DeJohnetteAnthony BraxtonSam RiversKenny WheelerHank JonesHerbie HancockPat MethenyChick Corea, and of course Miles himself.

Dave’s creative output on ECM from his debut in 1972 until 2003 includes some of the most influential albums released on the German label and enabled him to build an adoring, global audience for his virtuosic technique and rhythmic feel, inspired by respect for his open-eared approach to styles and sound. Today’s world is unimaginably different and Edition’s mission, to ‘support and enhance their artists’ vision’, will be paramount in helping Dave to navigate the complexities of the next period of his recording career and to reach new audiences.

Dare2, as the name suggests, was a brave move for an established artist into independent label management and full control of his recordings. This model has served the bass player well during the previous 15 years, allowing him the freedom to release the records that he needed to release and the power to control his recorded destiny. Now, in a changing world, a new model is necessary and Dave’s collaboration with Edition Records will enhance the benefits of independent production and control with the additional vision and proven excellence of Edition in navigating the complexities of music in the digital world and reaching out to new audiences.

In May 2021, Dave Holland will release a new Double LP, CD, and Digital album with Kevin Eubanks and Obed Calvaire marking the start of the new deal and his continuing relationship with Edition following the release of Good Hope in 2019 with Zakir Hussain and Chris Potter. Dave Holland explains:

“It had been a long-term goal of mine to create a record label for the release of my own recording projects. In 2004, with the help and guidance of my daughter and business manager Louise Holland, we established Dare2 records so that we could retain ownership of the master recordings and have more control over the scheduling, production, presentation, and marketing of releases. In 2019 Edition Records released the album ‘Good Hope’ by The Crosscurrents Trio, a group co-lead by Zakir Hussein, Chris Potter and myself. Working with Edition Records and its owner Dave Stapleton was a very positive experience and I was particularly impressed by the quality of their product and the use of creative strategies suited to the contemporary market. Discussions regarding a collaboration between Edition and Dare2 resulted in an agreement to work together on future releases of both new and archived recordings. I look forward to this new partnership”. Dave Holland

Edition Records

At your leisure, listen to ANOTHER LAND below.

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