Improvisers James Brandon Lewis, Ches Smith, Patrick Holmes, and Josh Werner, RESILIENT VESSELS LIVE AT THE CELL

New York city-based bassist and visual artist Josh Werner were awarded an artist in residence from The Cell Gallery located in New York NY. As a part of this residency which occurred in the month of July 2020, Josh presented various works in different mediums from visual art to music. In lieu of the 2020 pandemic, Josh was unable to present music to a live audience and instead offered a pre-recorded live performance to be aired at a later date. Werner was able to put together an ensemble of some of the leading improvisers on the New York City scene in that of James Brandon Lewis, Ches Smith, and Patrick Holmes.

One of the leading jazz pioneers Ornette Coleman once expressed himself by saying ” you know more, but I feel more “. During these turbulent times, this statement resonates with this ensemble; it’s one that embodies the acknowledgment of feelings within your being to then pour into the music being presented. This ensemble draws from proceeding generations of musicians such as Don Cherry, Roy Ayers, John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, Albert Ayler, Tribe Called Quest, and the energy of the downtown art-rock movement.

Release June 10, 2021


Produced by Josh Werner and James Brandon Lewis

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