Whatever happen too?

I imagine as music lovers you’ve probably wondered what happens to an artist that you simply haven’t heard from them in a while? Well, today I have two albums by Chicagoan, bassist, and composer Lonnie Plaxico. To his credit, Lonnie has recorded and released several albums mostly on independent labels the two of interest at the moment are his recent “RHYTHM & SOUL released in 2020 on Sirocco Jazz and WESTSIDE STORIES in 2006 on Plaxmusic.” Plaxico’s vigorous playing style encompasses a diverse vision and purpose that includes contemporary jazz, gut bunching funk, pop, advent-grade, and the M-Base sound which consists of a loose collective of sounds featuring young African-American musicians Steve Coleman, Graham Haynes, Cassandra Wilson, Geri Allen, Robin Eubanks, and Greg Osby emerged in Brooklyn, NY is a sound that was conceived in the early 80s according to Wiki new sound and specific ideas about creative expression. As I hear it, it’s fundamentally modern jazz with a broad focus and creativity from the perspective of each artist’s aforementioned harbors close to their heart. Both recordings by Plaxico offer similar elements you’re likely accustomed to hearing, if you haven’t discovered this cat’s cosmic and unfiltered groove now’s a good time to check him out. Enjoy the pulse and energy of his dynamic voice!!

Lonnie Plaxico’s RHYTHM & SOUL (RELEASED: November 1, 2006)
Click play and enjoy!
Lonnie Plaxico’s WESTSIDE STORIES (RELEASED: January 1, 2006)

Click play and groove!!

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