REFLECTION: Some critics have described the album Leaning into the Night (Inclinado en la Noche) as “watered down nouveau flamenco” by guitarist Ottmar Liebert, what do you think?

In today’s REFLECTION, it’s always interesting to hear or see someone’s perspective. In this case, the music of guitarist Ottmar Leibert. Over the years, I’ve grown into being a novice to listen to various styles or genres of music, his voice fits well within the scope of intimate and sounds worth exploring. At the moment, this my first meeting with “LEANING INTO THE NIGHT (INCLINADO EN LA NOCHE).” What I discovered here, is a calming soundscape that illuminates with perils of romanticism. As a result, this carefully constructed narrative is developed by an appointed yet timely lyricism note by note frames an inviting atmosphere to savor for if only a temporary cure for restlessness souls who are open listen.


At your leisure, escape into the appealing nuances of LEARNING

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