Pianist/composer Nik Bärtsch numbered “Modul” pieces can be considered as templates rather than fixed and final compositions…

A fascinating solo album from the Swiss pianist, composer, and conceptualist best known as the leader of the band’s Ronin and MobileEntendre offers deeper insight into Nik Bärtsch’s musical thinking. As the album title implies Entendre is about hearing as a creative process, referencing the patient unfolding of Bärtch’s modular polymetric pieces, with alertness to the dynamics of touch, finding freedom in aesthetic restriction, serving the flow of each piece’s development while also taking the music to new places.

Nik Bärtsch’sEntendre” (RELEASED: March, 20210)

Recorded at Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI, Lugano, in September 2020, and produced by Manfred Eicher. ~ECM Records

Visit www.nikbaertsch.com for more information.

At your leisure, listen to Entendre available on Spotify.

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