Thinkin’ Big is an 18-piece big band from Chicago, IL, formed in October 2010. The group showcases the vast compositional talents of bandleader and trumpeter, Jonah Francese

Reclamation is an album about reimagining the way the world perceives others and the way we perceive the very world itself. Voices remain unheard in our political environment, and the stories these voices can tell are important to the construction of the multicultural intersectionality of which most in power choose to ignore. Reclamation shares these narratives both in the interludes and in the music itself through songs like “Rich Man’s Empty Pocket” and “Total Praise.”

Thinkin’ Big, RECLAMATION (RELEASED: October 3, 2019)

Not only does the album take on cultural perspectives through music, but it also makes environmental commentaries on songs such as “Forgotten Forests” and “To Ash.” Reclamation is about the self, the self’s relationship to land, and the power those voices have to reimagine what others think.

At your leisure, do check this gem out!!

Thinkin’ Big (featuring Jonah Francese) RECLAMATION

Malika Wilson – album artwork | Mitchell Haeuszer – engineering and mastering

Voices for Interlude:

Jordon Peart – interlude
Tangela Mathis – interlude
Marshawn Fondren – interlude
Puja Ghosh – interlude
Kimberlee Chang – interlude
Thalea Stokes – interlude
Gustavo Hernandez – interlude
Allison Burik – interlude
Kristen Dye – interlude
Myrish Spell – interlude


Kristen Dye – flute
Mark Zaleski – alto sax
Clay Lyons – alto sax
Paul Melhus – tenor sax
Jonathan Bean – tenor sax
Austin Yancey – bari sax

Kai Sandoval – trumpet
Danny Fratina – trumpet
Jenn Allen – trumpet
Jesse Francese – trumpet
Taylor Kelly – trumpet

Quinn Carson – trombone
Eric Stilwell – trombone
Myrish Spell – trombone
Rob Krahn – trombone

Caio Afiune – guitar
Marc Malsegna – guitar
David Ling – keys
Neil Patton – bass
Marshawn Fondren – drums

Brett White – piano on interludes

Chase Potter – violin on Forgotten Forests

Jania Foxworth – vocals on Total Praise
Lyric Rachael Stephen – vocals on Total Praise
Tracy Robertson – vocals on Total Praise and Destroyer
Mark Joseph – lead vocals on Total Praise

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