Chillin with guitarist Steve Khan’s EYEWITNESS, what are you listening to?

I’ve been doing a little virtual crate-digging today and bumped into “EYEWITNESS” released in 1981 by guitarist/composer Steve Khan. I’m more familiar with his previous albums from the 70s “TIGHTROPE and BLUE MAN” and a couple of other ones since but sort of lost track afterwords.


During the early 70s, I was a huge jazz fusion lover because of the influences like Hendrix, Johnny Winter, and Santana. So adapting to cats like Khan, after spending endless hours listening to cats like Bill Connors, Al DiMeola, Larry Carlton, John McLaughlin, and others was only an added plus. “DR. SLUMP” the Fender Telecaster featured on track two reminds me a heck of a lot like Carlton. The organic yet piercing arc of Khan’s guitar is a perfect fit for the times now and then. As usual, it’s the sidekicks that bring life to the compositions, featured on the record are bassist Anthony Jackson, percussionist Marlono Baderna, and drummer Steve Jordon. Although most of the pieces are sonically relaxed proportionally compared to the heavy-hitters I’m reminded I am not as deep into grinding elements of fusion as I once was though it’s refreshing to hear a familiar voice to reset my brain to the latter days of this era. Unfortunately, EYEWITNESS has only 5 tracks available but I’m quite certain guitar and fusion aficionados would find this record pleasing to the ears.

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