The legendary Miles Davis pays homage to another legend titled “MR. PASTORIUS” released in 1989 from his funk-laden album “AMANDLA”

Regardless of style, anyone who listens to jazz spins on occasion music by trumpet legend and visionary Miles Davis. Today, a gem titled “MR. PASTORIUS” the title caught my attention because it was a homage paid to another worthy musician named Jaco Pastorius. I get it, riding the success of his album funk-infused “TUTU” Miles may not be your cup of tea. Miles being Miles said why not do it again back in the studio with producer-writer Marcus Miller. What I dig most about him, he was a no-nonsense kind of guy he was stubborn, radical, and visionary he was indeed his own man period. So just in case, you haven’t heard step out of the box and spin “AMANDLA” featuring whose who in contemporary jazz.

At your leisure, check it out!!

Miles Davis, AMANDLA (album art by Miles Davis)

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