Meeting the music of pianist/composer Shai Maestro for the 5th time around

With his latest album simply titled “HUMAN,” pianist/composer Shai Maestro’s musical voice evokes ruminants of his classical training into the sphere of this opulent soundscape reflects the inexhaustible aesthetic signature of the chamber-jazz lineage of ECM recordings artists are known for.

Shai Maestro, HUMAN

In recent years, I’ve grown more fond of the piano as the lead or featured instrument. With that said, at first glance, I didn’t have much appreciation for the musical resonance that producer Manfred Eicher was striving to achieve. It’s funny how time, patience, and openness will redirect you. At this point, I’ve overcome my deficiency to land in a state of a renewed mind and drawn into the poignant impressionism that yields from the concept of Euro-jazz have accomplished.

Out of the box, HUMAN sonically embellishes the virtuosity Maestro possesses from his four previous albums. As a bandleader, Shai is armed with more than ample aptitude to translate the language of his music with accuracy, and unison required to showcase the timely contrasting ideas and lyricism to unveil the meaning of each song as a player and composer. Yes, as a pianist/composer Shai Maestro is rising to the occasion to present his gifts by marrying the intricate strands of jazz and classical to be a worthy voice to reckon with in Europe and beyond.

Reviewed by Rob Young

At your leisure, spin the sullen, affable, and subtle passages on HUMAN by Shai Maestro

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