Acclaimed Saxophonist Miguel Zenón is joined at the hip with pianist Luis Perdomo to record and release the impressionable “El Arte Del Bolero.”

I became acquainted with the music of saxophonist Miguel Zenón with his spirited debut album Ceremonial 21 years ago. When meeting new artists I feel compelled to listen intently, absorb, process, and celebrate and decide what I think of what I’ve encountered. With musicians like Miguel, you’ll find his voice stimulating, captivating, and cultured presence breathed life into his compositions as so with “EL ARTE DEL BOLERO” released in January, ’21. It’s not by happenstance, he’s coupled with the gifted pianist Luis Perdomo a beast of a player in his own right are paired on this project to paint it with unexpected surprises, textures, colors, and yes, “EL ARTE DEL BOLERO” is indeed pure joy!

In reality, the theme of recordings isn’t always as we wish for but it’s like beans, without the chili, is not appetizing unless you have the combination for not all music enthusiasts are willing to embrace solo or duet recordings. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that these guys are on a mission to explore new directions as an expression of who they are artistically and possibly inspire those who aren’t. The beauty of this album is the duo’s creative ability to express and adapt with relevant yet nuanced voicings by layering various complex melodies and shaping them with coherent fluidity in a cognitive way that draws you into the context of its contoured body of tones which by the way lures you deeper into the heart of their musical conversation.

What’s really cool, as I listen the acute artistry exhibited on EL ARTE DEL BOLERO is immediately noticed. It’s not only stimulating but accessible, embraceable, and audibly digestible as each note echoes the purity of interplay and attractive tones throughout this lovely album. The duo’s mellifluent voices playfully soar with cultured impressions with distinct accents shape the essence of excellence of who they are as musicians on this esteemed collection of six heartfelt compositions by this dynamic duo. ~ Reviewed by Rob Young

Listen here, to “EL ARTE DEL BOLERO

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