Versatile vocalist/guitarist Camila Meza from ‘Overcome,’ …is the Artist Feature on Greenleaf Music Interview

Vocalist/guitarist Camila Meza originates from Chile, where she began a flourishing career before moving to New York City at the age of 23. She studied with Peter Bernstein and Steve Cardenas at The New School, and since graduating, she has developed a unique vision as a vocalist and guitarist. She has performed internationally with artists including Sachal Vasandani, Fabian Almazan, Ryan Keberle, Tom Harrell, and Paquito D’Rivera.

Camila Meza, Vocalist, guitarist, composer, and bandleader

As a bandleader, Meza has recorded a number of albums, including Skylark (2007)Retrato (2009), Prisma (2013), and Traces (2016). Her latest recording, Ámbar (2019) on Sony Masterworks features The Nectar Orchestra, an eight-piece ensemble that includes a string quartet, featuring her compositions and an earthy, acoustic sound. ~Greenleaf Music

Check out the brief Interview with Camila.

Listen to her interpretation of the sensuous classic “Love Dance” released by Brazilian vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Ivan Lins appears on her album 2009 recording Retrato.

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