Reflection: Listening to indelible nuances of “REQUIEM” from the album “8:KINDRED SPIRITS (LIVE FROM THE LOBERO)” is painted with sublime colors and tones by reed master Charles Lloyd

Once again, I heard the soulful “REQUIEM (LIVE)” call on me. This gem speaks with an unexpected poet lyricism, lavished with warm and inviting melodicism as Lloyd’s anointed timbre breathes effortlessly with a satin-like tonality as he renders the intimate decorum he manages to spark the interest and lure the listener into the appropriate space purposed for the listening experience. I love when songs are penned with thoughtful details, addressing both the need of the composer, players and listener echoes with posh intensity as the musicians interact with one another welcoming you the listener into this intuitive space and conversation.

As you can see, I’m biased even fascinated beyond measure by the incomparable Charles Lloyd’s aptitude as a musician. With the recording of this album Lloyd celebrated his beloved 80th birthday, I say this with admiration and no shame. When a musician is equipped with the admirable gifts, ability, and compositions needed to draw you into the body of their music you (I) must give them prompts they deserve. Being a fusion aficionado early on, I missed Lloyd’s poignant compositions and timeless bravado. In recent years, I’ve awakened to grasp what I missed and I’m finally catching up with his noble artistry and supreme music portfolio. Jazz fans, if you haven’t yet, join me I’m truly thankful I finally opened up my mind, heart, and spirit to listen to these treasured masterpieces with everlasting gratitude.

Woodwind master, Charles Lloyd’s album from 2020 aptly titled 8

Reviewed: by Rob Young, expressing a few thoughts about this beloved music called jazz.

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