Listening to the eloquent vocal artistry of Alicia Olatuja’s Timeless

A few years ago, I had the pleasure and honor to become acquainted with an album titled “TIMELESS” by songstress/composer Alicia Olatuja. The classically trained soprano serves up an appetizing palette of memorable songs coupled with tasteful arrangements throughout. As a result, Alicia’s vocalese and natural approach to tunes like “HUMAN NATURE” left me awe-struck. With ten selections available all give you as a listener more tangible songs to wrap your head, heart, and soul around. She magically changes gears with a Latin samba titled “SERRADO” featuring renowned bassist/composer and bandleader Christian McBride.

Alicia Olatuja, TIMELESS

It’s always great to hear unfamiliar artists perform with A-list musicians that maintain their position with comfort, Olatuja keeps company with another gifted musician named Gregorie Maret who plays harmonica on inviting “STAY GOLD.” She sings an original composition “LOVE STILL,” on this gem she showcases the depth of her vocal and writing style as a seasoned artist in the game. Her interpretation of the classic “SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW” is stunning featuring the supreme interplay by McBride and pianist Christian Sands. Two more tunes close out the session “THE ONE” featuring the remarkable Jaleel Shaw on saxophone and closing out with the soulful “AMAZING GRACE” she engraves her unique signature vocal style on this timeless piece making it her own. If you love vocals with relevant lyrics and equally appointed instrumentation then Alicia Olatuja’s “TIMELESS” is well worth spending time with.

Listen to “TIMELESS” by vocalist Alicia Olatuja below …

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